The 14th China Ceramics Pioneers List Came to a Successful Completion

29 Mar 2018/CTW


China Ceramics Pioneers List is jointly hosted by CTW and China Ceramic Industrial Association. CCPL is regarded as the Oscar of Chinese ceramic industry, which aims to encourage the enterprises of the industry to enhance their competitiveness with innovation. 

For the 14th CCPL, the enterprises can submit their required materials on line by a click on the link of CTW’s page for the first time. It has been revealed that, more than 170 enterprises have participated in the 14th CCPL. The Secretary General of China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association of China Ceramics Industrial Association Huang Xinhong, the executive vice-president of Xianyang Research & Design Institute of Ceramics Li Zhuan, the visiting professor of Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute Xu Ping, the associate professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Wei Hua, the director of the administrative committee of CTW Lin Xinliang served as the judges. 

On March 28th, the Award Ceremony of the 14th CCPL has been held successfully in the New Media Industrial Park of Foshan. It is worth noted that the Challenges for the Pioneers was back to the Award Ceremony. The general manager of marketing center of Eagle 2086 Chen Fang’en, the vice general manager of marketing center of KITO Ceramics Wang Xiayang, the president of BROLA Ceramics Lu Ruoxin acted as the pioneers, while the president of OCEANO Ceramics Bao Jiejun, the vice president of American Wonder Porcelain and general manager of Marco Polo Ceramics Xie Ruizeng,  the vice president of Eagle Ceramics Chen Xianwei, the vice president of Dongpeng Ceramics Jin Guoting and the president of ASA Tiles Lu Jiawei and acted as the challengers. They mainly held a debate on the development of rustic tiles. The atmosphere was so euphoric that the audience could not stop clapping in excitement. 



For the 14th CCPL, Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics, GUANGDONG BODE Fine Building Material Co., Ltd. and MONALISA Group were vying for the Award for Gold Earth. In order to ensure the justice and fairness, a strict Q&A section. Eventually, MONALISA Group won the Award for Gold Earth, which has remained vacant for last two years. 


In recent two years, under the guidance of the Belt and Road initiatives, some enterprises lead the way to explore the foreign market and made contribution to the development of Chinese ceramic industry. Therefore, the organizing committee of the 14th CCPL has created a new award, Pioneering Award for the Belt and Road. After a fierce competition, Keda Clean Energy Co., Ltd., Marco Polo Ceramics and Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics won this award. 

There were 9 candidates/teams won the Award for the Craftsman of the Year which set to encourage the craftsmanship spirit. They are the team of JOMOO, the research team of Jiajun Ceramic, the research team of Jiaxing Meike Ceramics, the research team of Yuantai Ceramic Glaze, the research centterof Overland Ceramics, Mr. Wu Aiyong of NGY Colour, Mr. Xu Wenhui of MOREROOM, Mr. Zhang Yundang of Kinyominga Ceramics, Mr. Dong Mengfu of Linyi Yizhou Building Co., Ltd. 

It is also worth noted that System and Colorobbia and Xaar have won the Award for Contributions to Technology as they have constantly tried to provide the best product and service to Chinese enterprises.


See you next year in CCPL! 



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