Medium-sized Tiles Grow Rapidly in Fujian

26 Dec 2018/CTW

The production and sales of medium and small-sized thin tiles in Fujian production base have ranked the first in China since 2014. For tile enterprises in Fujian, the medium-sized tiles derived from the thin tiles help them avoid the price competition of thin tiles, rustic tiles and wood tiles, and also conform to the trend of modern simplicity appeared in the industry. Although the overall market in China is stagnant now, the sales of medium-sized tiles in Fujian realize substantial growth.


Enterprises of Producing Medium-sized Tiles are Increasing

As the first enterprise professionally producing the full body medium-sized marble tiles, Jinjiang Juntao Ceramics’ output of medium-sized tiles could not make enough to meet demand. Its new production line went into operation in July this year. Its vice-general manager Wu Qinghai said, the medium-sized tiles is a good alternatives for many other type of tiles because it can be installed on the wall and floor easily. At present, the company gathers increasing customers.

Starting from this year, Jinjiang Jinli professionally produce medium-sized tiles. It has taken a two-pronged approach, that is to make OEMs and run its own-label brands. Now it has many OEM customers, and its medium-sized tiles are in short supply. Its vice-general manager Xie Chuanda said, sales of medium-sized tiles grow rapidly with a stable price, because they avoid some defects of ceramic wall tiles and thin tiles, receiving high acceptance in the market.

While the Manley (China) Co., Ltd., which had launched the medium-sized tiles in the second half of last year, enjoys rapidly growing customers and sales. Now it has two product lines specialized in medium-sized tiles. Its Investment Director Chen Kunming said, the medium-sized tiles can attract customers, mainly because they are full body and has strong supply capacity. At present, the medium-sized tiles in 400×800 (mm) and 600×1200 (mm) are the best-selling, and the customers are found chiefly on the coastal areas such as Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang.


300×800 (mm) Tiles with Soft Polished Effects are Promising

In order to enhance the decorative effect of the products, in addition to launching the medium-sized tiles with multiple techniques, the enterprises such as Jinjiang Guoxing, Caiba Tiles, Xieshun Ceramics have launched full body tiles with relief effects by moulding in 300×800 (mm) and 300×900 (mm) with a thickness of 8 mm, which are well received in the market.

300×800 (mm) and 300×900 (mm) has been regarded as the best sizes which are not only satisfy the needs of consumers but also have higher profit margin, attracting more sales staff to promote actively. With soft polished technology, they can well combine with modern rustic tiles, therefore driving the overall sales to grow.  

Yao Longtan, general manager of Caiba Tiles, said, only the products are innovative and closer to the consumers can they be received by the market. It is inevitable that there will be problems when the ceramic wall tiles used for a long time. Polished tiles or glazed tiles need to be cut before being installed on the wall, and they need to use glue because of low internal water absorption, resulting in increased costs. Compared with conventional products, the soft polished tiles of 300×800(mm) with a thickness of 8 mm are light and material-saving, leading to a rich glazed effect and simple and elegant decorative effect. In addition, they do not have to be cut. The are convenient to be used and can reduce waste, thus are more favored by the end market.


Strong Sales Force Helps to Promote Medium-sized Tiles

In recent years, thanks to the strong sales force in Fujian, the new products such as rustic tiles, wood tiles, thin tiles and medium-sized tiles launched by Fujian cerasmic enterprises have achieved good results in the market. With the vigorous promotion of numerous OEMs and agents, the medium-sized tiles have entered a period of rapid growth.

Jinjiang Pengxing has agented a number of own-label brands and Guangdong brands, and it is sensitive to new popular products. Its general manager Cai Zhichen said, the medium-sized tiles accounted for about 70% of its orders. And he was urged by the customers every day. Especially in the coastal markets, the growth rate was more significant.




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