Almost 600 Companies Set To Exhibit At Uniceramics Products Expo 2023

21 Apr 2023/CTW


A total of almost 600 direct exhibitors were presenting their new products at Uniceramics Products Expo 2023, such as Marco Polo, Guanzhu, Monalisa, Hongyu and some home customization enterprises, which took place in Foshan on April 15th-19th. Vietnam's largest building materials enterprise, Viglacera, also participated in the exhibition for the first time and promoted its products and industrial parks to Chinese customers.


Marco Polo

In this exhibition, Marco Polo took "WHY of Art Materials" as the theme and was mainly divided into three main areas in terms of space: Porcelain Slab Image Display Area, T-shaped Element Channel, and Porcelain Slab Delivery Service Reception Hall. For example, Reception Hall contains 8 ribbed square pillars paired with 1600 × 3200 (mm) curved porcelain slab background wall, with facade walls on both sides using Marco Polo 2023 new porcelain slab with 900 × 2600 (mm), and there were 12 porcelain slab connected square piers arranged in sequence in the open space of the atrium, echoing the full wall curved screen directly opposite.



Guanzhu focused on showcasing high-end porcelain slab products such as "Huazhen" and "Huamai". Through the creation of real-life applications like porcelain slab bathrooms, porcelain slab restaurants, and porcelain slab living rooms, it showcased Guanzhu's understanding and exploration of beautiful quality, craftsmanship, and traditional culture.

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Monalisa showcased five major series of high-quality porcelain slabs, covering a variety of processes, thicknesses, and specifications, fully meeting the comprehensive application of various spaces in home and commerce. Monalisa also demonstrated the high-end dense paving and "smile service" finished product delivery system of the textured background wall.

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Hongyu made a stunning appearance with the theme of "common growth". In terms of booth design, Hongyu showcased a product matrix that aligns with spatial applications, tightly surrounding the entire exhibition center, highlighting the core of "product strength". The overall design of the booth enriched visual effects and enhanced spatial hierarchy through technology, art, lighting, and lines.

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SOGAL, a home customization listed enterprise, displayed a "wall floor integrated space customization" solution, creating different scene spaces through wall panels that are different from porcelain slab, focusing on "formaldehyde free, simple, and overall".  What's more, The "Super Living Room" space exhibited by SOGAL emphasized "5 comfort points", including integrated design, overlapping appearance and quality, a 30% increase in space usage and so on.

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Vietnam's largest building materials enterprise, Viglacera Group, showcased advantageous products such as polished tiles, glazed tile, and antique tiles. As a RCEP partner, Viglacera operates 12 industrial parks in Vietnam and Cuba, covering industries such as ceramics, bathroom, glass, and real estate.

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From May 30th to June 2nd, the 2023 Uniceramics Technology Expo will be held grandly. At that time, relevant enterprises in the fields of ceramic machinery and equipment, color glaze, design, etc. from China, Italy, Spain, and other parts of the world will gather in Foshan. Now, click the picture below to apply for a visitor pass for the 2023 Uniceramics Technology Expo. See you in Foshan on May 30th.

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